Is there truly a problem?

The titled of this article is based on my yesterday’s interaction with my 7years Old daughter.

I put a call through to my wife and children every morning and evening in order to know their welfare because I stayed in a different state due to power of industrial revolution.

When my wife picked the call, we did the usual ritual of exchanging pleasantries like “How is today? And the likes. I asked her to pass the phone around to other members of the family.

The phone got to Moyo, my 7years Old daughter and she said “Daddy, there is a problem!”

Guess what?

My heart did a somersault and different thoughts flooded my mind per nanosecond.

Is the problem from the school?
Is the problem from their neighbour?
Is the problem from their homefront?
And so on

To cut long story short, I asked her, “What is the problem?”


Moyo replied, “Daddy, can you believed my Mummy didn’t buy us ICE-CREAM this evening!”

Is this truly a problem in the real sense?

I stumbled on Steve Chandler’s book, Reinventing Yourself: How to become the person You’ve always wanted to be. He titled his introduction page “Are you an owner or a victim?”

“Are you an owner or a victim” this is a $1Million question that need to be answered.

As you look back on your life so far, you will see that you always have had two basic ways of being. At any given time, you were either one way, or you were the other, you were either an owner of the human spirit, or you were a victim of circumstance.

The choice is yours!

When my daughter said the title of this post, what came to my mind is: am I an owner or a victim?

Answering the question in every situation would give peace of mind and it would help you live a stress-free life

I used to tell my protégés, the word “Problem” is negative that they should replace it with the word “Challenge” which is positive.

One way, the ownership way, reinvent you as you go. It reinvents you outward, in an ever-expanding circle of compassion, vision, and courage.

The other way (the victim way) shrinks you down. Just as your muscles shrink when they are not moving, so do your heart and soul when you are in the your victim mode.

The minute you owned the challenge (problem), you are free to become the solution. You switched from VICTIM to OWNER!

Welcome to FREEDOM!

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Akeem Gbadamosi, M.Sc Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management.