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The next stage to greatness is Sculpting after the Chipping. This is different than chipping which is a process whereby when you take off what doesn’t belong.

But Sculpting is the fine art of study of slowly and delicately revealing the form and beauty of your masterpiece. This is where the artist make the piece become what it is intended to become.

When we have allowed life and our action of disciple to eliminate that which hide our true inner selves, we then must actually form the life that we want to lead.

The tools of a sculptor are few,but the tools for sculpting a life is many. We are a product of the things that we allow to shape and infleunce our lives. Everything that we interact with will shape and mold whom we become. This include both what we choose to involve ourselves with as well as what we choose to not involve ourselve with.

Let me start with what we choose to involve with:

First and foremost are the people who we involve with. Our business associates and friends are people who we can choose at will. We should seek out those who will challenge and encourage us to become the very best that we can become. The goal is to have a network of people around us who act as a springboard to a better life.

The second is the books that we read. Yes books. I like to view books as the ability to converse with the author. I like to imagine that the author is speaking these ideas to me. I react and ask questions in my mind as i read, allowing me to converse with the author.

This way i am not bound by limitation of time and space. I can be friends with the greatest mind that walk, and have walked, the earth. I can have them speak into my life and challenge my thinking all the while having them shape my life and help me become a better person, a more successful person.

Many people viewed books as boring and waste of time, yet if they view it as an opportunity to sit down with the author and learn from them, we open ourselves to whole new levels of learning growth.

The lesson here, is that our lives are sculptured and formed primarily by the people we associate with and the books that we read. When people grasp that concept,they are prepared to shape their lives into what they want them to become.

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Excerpt from Angel Inside

Akeem Gbadamosi, M.Sc Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management.