There are only four acts that takes you from the raw material to the finished piece. They are Chipping, Sculpting, Sanding, and Polishing.

Let’s start with Chipping.


Every person has part of them that simply must go. If those part stay, you might never see Angel Inside. If we are going to create a life of power and beauty, we must allow ourselves to go through the processes that chip away at all of the peripheral parts of us that hide our true selves. Yet, most people do not embrace this.

When we lose part of ourselves, even bad parts that keep us from growing as humans, it hurts. It hurts because we have become comfortable with our negative aspects. We have learned to compensate from them. So, rather that allow them to be chipped away at, we run away from the process. And because of that, we are stuck where we are and our Angel never comes to the surface.

It is important, you have part(s) of you that must die and fall away if you are to become the person who you are destined to become. If you do not allow the chipping away of the exterior, you will forever hide the Angel Inside.

To be continue…

-Excerpt from Angel Inside

Akeem Gbadamosi, M.Sc Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management.